Beginner’s Guide to Political Strategy

Today, we present the next installment of our popular “Beginner’s Guide” series.  (We’ve done guides on fundraising, grassroots politics, communications and political organization).  Our focus today is on developing a winning political strategy.

The overall strategy for your campaign is crucial to your success on Election Day.  You can raise a lot of money, or mobilize a ton of volunteers, or write really great press releases… but without a winning strategy, your campaign will be sunk.  Spend the time to write a campaign plan, incorporating all of the key strategies you will need to win, including getting started, honing your message, targeting your efforts, and more:

Getting Your Campaign Started

Overcoming Your Biggest Roadblocks to Running for Office – How to get past the roadblocks and get into the race!

4 Tips for Getting Your Political Campaign Off the Ground – Things to think about as you get ready to launch your campaign.

When Should I Start my Campaign? – Timing is crucial.  Know when to kick-off your effort.

Targeting & Voter Lists

Political Targeting, the Beginner’s Guide – Knowing how to target can make or break a campaign.

8 Ways to Target Your Campaign Tactics – How to make sure your campaign tactics are reaching the right voters.

Guide to Using Voter Lists in Your Campaign – The best ways to effectively use voter files in your election campaign.

Your Campaign Message

3 Cheap Ways to Get Your Campaign Message Out – How to introduce voters to your message, even if you are underfunded.

Test Your Message, Early and Often – Don’t just develop a message, test it!

The Negative Campaigning Debate – Should you use “negative” messages?

The Question of the Election – This is the single most important concept for you to master in developing your campaign message.

Keeping Your Campaign on Message – Once you develop your message, you have to work hard to keep it front and center in your campaign.

Campaign Planning

The Best Political Campaign Strategy for You – Tips for figuring out the strategy that will work in your election.

How to Deal with Political Consulting Firms – Using consultants for maximum benefit.

Winning Elections in the New American Politics – American politics has changed… are you ready?

How NOT to Win Election Campaigns – What not to do.

Unique Election Situations

How to Win a Multi-Candidate Election – Are there three, four, five people or more competing in your election?

You Won Your Primary Election Campaign, Now What? – Do you know how to transition from a primary to a general election campaign?

Winning a Run-Off Election – How to succeed in a run-off campaign.

How to Win Election Contests in Small Districts – Are you running a campaign in a small district?  Here’s how to win…

The Elected Official’s Guide to Getting Re-Elected – How to win as an incumbent.

How to Beat an Incumbent – How to win as a challenger.

End Your Campaign On a High Note

Last Minute Political Advice – Things to think about as Election Day draws near.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Strategy

If you are interested in a complete, step-by-step guide for building a winning campaign strategy, I recommend the How to Win any Election Kit.

I wrote this guide to provide every campaign… no matter how small or large… with the same tools used by expensive national political consulting firms, at a fraction of the cost.  This kit contains a step-by-step guide to winning your next political campaign, including a 178 page strategy guide, a 40 page sample campaign plan template, and more.

The How to Win any Election Kit is the single best resource available for winning your next election campaign.

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