E-Newsletter: Why Every Politician Should Be Writing

Newsletters sometimes get a bad rap, but there are so many great things about them. If you’re a politician, no matter how small in the ranks you are, you should consider writing an e-newsletter. There are many benefits to them if you’re doing it right. Why You’re Not Writing an E-Newsletter Those people that say Read more

Capacity Building: Referred to as Capacity Development

Capacity building, also referred to as capacity development, is a process that is used by both businesses and nonprofits to help grow the companies and their employee’s bandwidth. There is a lot of work, planning, and training that goes into this strategic way of increasing skills in a business or community. A successful strategy in Read more

Campaign Trail: A Beginner’s Guide to Campaigning

Whether you’re considering campaigning to be the next president of the United States, or you only want to be on the board of directors at your local library or the company you work for, knowing the ins and outs of campaigning can be extremely beneficial. While someone running for a local seat isn’t going to Read more

How to Write a Policy Brief for Advertising your Business

Advertising yourself or your business means being honest and letting people know what you stand for as an individual or as a business (sometimes both). The concept of a policy brief is that it presents research findings in a brief and easy to read document. The key is that it isn’t filled with jargon so Read more

How to Navigate & Understand Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is something that can happen anywhere in life – from not approving the changes in your own home to having an issue with changes occurring in your workplace. As a manager, understanding the resistance to change your employees feel when change happens will help you navigate and understand that resistance – and Read more

The Political Direct Mail Checklist

The Political Direct Mail Checklist post image

Old fashioned political direct mail – sent through the snail mail postal system – is still an effective way to reach voters with your candidate’s message. E-mail is gaining more and more steam as a political communications medium, but direct mail still works.  It’s highly targeted, more cost-effective than TV for small campaigns, and can Read more

How the Better Candidate Lost the Party Endorsement – and the Election

How the Better Candidate Lost the Party Endorsement – and the Election post image

Let me tell you a story about a candidate I once worked for – and how that candidate lost the party endorsement in a race where the party endorsement truly mattered.  I want to tell you this story so that you can learn from his mistake, because his mistake was ever so avoidable.  Here’s what Read more

4 Essential Facts about Running a Political Campaign

Running a Political Campaign

Over the past 20 years, I’ve learned lots of things about winning elections.  I’ve also learned that there’s a lot of misinformation out there… things that people believe, or are told, about campaigns that simply aren’t true. In this article, I want to dispel some of that misinformation, and give you four immutable facts about Read more

How to Find Good Political Volunteer Opportunities

Political Campaign Buttons

I frequently get asked how people can find great political volunteer opportunities.  Often, the people asking the question are interested in getting involved in politics as a candidate, committeeperson, or campaign staffer down the line, and want to get some experience to help them make connections and get ahead. There are lots of different ways Read more

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Political Fundraising Events

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Political Fundraising Events post image

Every political campaign needs to raise money to win.  Fundraising provides the money you need to spread your campaign message, raise your candidate’s name ID, and get out the vote on Election Day.  While there are many different ways to raise money for your campaign, events are a staple of campaign fundraising for a very Read more