Beginner’s Guide to Building a Strong Political Organization

Today, we present The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Strong Political Organization, the fourth installment in our “Beginner’s Guide” Series. (If you haven’t already, be sure to check out The Beginner’s Guide to Political Communications, The Beginner’s Guide to Grassroots Campaigning and The Beginner’s Guide to Political Fundraising).

Whether you are working on a campaign, building a political party, or working with a grassroots movement, building a strong political organization is vital to your success.  These articles and tips will make sure you have the tools you need to grow a strong and sustainable organization:

The Basics of Political Organization

Winning Elections Through Local Organization – Political Organization 101.

How to Keep Your Political Campaign Organized– Applies to committees, PACs, and advocacy groups too!

Campaign, Inc.: A Business-like Approach to Winning Elections – Lessons for political campaigns from the business world.


5 Team Members Every Campaign Needs – Every political campaign needs to have these five team members, whether they are paid or volunteers.

Five Tips for Recruiting Political Volunteers – How to find the volunteers you need to help run your organization.

Training Your Team

How to Run a Campaign School to Educate Your Team – Run your own in-house campaign school and give your staff and volunteers the tools they need.

How to Be a Great Political Campaign Manager – Make sure your campaign manager reads this important article.

Using Political Consultants

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Political Consultant – Make sure you know what to ask to ensure that you hire the right person for the job.

Political Scheduling

The Insider’s Guide to Political Scheduling – Do you know how to jostle your organization’s (or candidate’s) schedule for maximum benefit?

Building Your Organization

How to Strengthen Your Local Political Party – Tips for growing and strengthening your local political party organization.


How to Get a Political Job – Looking to get involved with a political organization?  Here’s how…

The Secrets of Being a Political Entrepreneur – How to make things happen in politics.

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  • shahnawaz jariwala Link

    I am in Mumbai and surfed for guidance.
    interesting titles. will definitely read all details. Lately joined a nascent political party being a result of v established organised workers of various sections and ethnicity.
    Thanks a ton for ur w site and details.
    Regards and best wishes for week end
    Shahnawaz Jariwala

  • saber frikha Link

    hello, sorry to bother but I have a small question. I don’t know who specifically specializes in this matter, I hope you can help me. what is the legal frame for a foreign political party (latinos for example) who has a strong presence in the US to be able to campaign and recruit for elections. in other words, how can representatives of foreign political parties campaign within their respective communities inside the US. is there a legal frame to allow for that. if you can’t answer the question, would you please help me to find lawyers who specialize in this. thanks

  • Steven Kopp Link

    I want to become a party boss.

  • Hi Guys,
    Hope this brief message has found ya’ll in good stead.

    Im Edward, and to cut the long story short, I would like some counselling on how to grow my political youth organization. I’m from Nigeria, and the name of the party which i started in 2009 is called “Nigerian Republican Party”. Before you catch a heart attack, let me assure you, I’m more democratically leaning. How ever I’m not too liberal, seeing no one takes liberals serious these days. I need your help in taking our organization to the next level. Will you oblige us?

    Looking forward to your swift response


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