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If so, get your campaign (or the campaign you are working on) started the right way, with The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground.

Learn How to Start Your Campaign,
Build Your Team, And WIN Your Election!

The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground will guide you through the entire process of starting your campaign, putting together your team, raising money and more… and it comes from Local Victory, so you know it’s advice you can trust.

Comes with 3 Great Books to Help You Win…

The Complete Guide is an information-packed kit that comes with 3 Books that will walk you through the process of starting any campaign:

1.  The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground

This special report is our most popular publication ever.  If you’ve ever wondered, “How Do I Get a Campaign Started?” this guide is for you!  The Complete Guide:

  • Walks you through the process of deciding whether to run and whether or not this is the right year to run…The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground
  • Guides you through the minefield of starting a political campaign the right way…
  • Includes a complete checklist of things you need to do to start your campaign, including legal steps, campaign organization, research, fundraising and more…
  • Teaches you how to raise the start-up capital your campaign will need
  • Discusses putting together a campaign team, writing a campaign plan, and more!
“Joe, your advice and guidance were vital to our ultimate win!”
– County Commissioner David Abraham, Lenawee County, MI

2.  Winning Elections at the Grassroots

The Complete Guide also comes with your very own copy of Joe Garecht’s e-book “Winning Elections at the Grassroots”

Almost every campaign is won… or lost… at the grassroots level.   This 75 page guide covers all aspects of grassroots campaigning – each chapter is a complete guide to grassroots success:

– Stay on Target – A Complete Guide to Targeting Voters
– How to Organize a PrecinctWinning Elections at the Grassroots
– The Candidate Tour Plan
– The Guide to Successful Candidate Coffees
– The Absentee Voter Drive Handbook
– Targeted Voter Registration That Works
– Building Local Coalitions
– Everything You Need to Know
About Running a Campaign School
– Every Campaign’s Guide to Getting Out the Vote
– The Voter Contact Direct Mail Guide
– Grassroots Politics – Just the FAQ’s
– The Political Internet Strategy Guide

Winning Elections at the Grassroots comes complete with sample literature, worksheets, and flowcharts to illustrate the guides.  You can use these worksheets and samples to help you plan a successful campaign and get your creative juices flowing.  These guides are not available anywhere else – only from Local Victory.

Get your campaign’s grassroots organization started — today! — using the tips and strategies in this book.


“Thanks to WINNING ELECTIONS AT THE GRASSROOTS, I  have a complete and detailed plan to keep me in touch and on top. When I face the next election I am confident I will be in a VERY strong position thanks to Local Victory”
– Bryan Harrison, Caledonia Township Supervisor, Caledonia, MI

3.  Raising Money from High Dollar Donors

The Complete Guide also comes with Raising Money from High Dollar Donors, an 18 page special report that will lead you through the entire process of planning your high dollar fundraising strategy – including writing a plan, organizing major donor groups, holding high dollar events and raising money from PACs.  Each strategy is completely explained, with tips and tactics you can use to start recruiting high dollar donors today.

This report will put professional political fundraising tactics in your hands – so you can start raising money for your campaign, today.  Fundraising is the lifeblood of your campaign – start fundraising early, and use these tactics to help you win.

“Joe Garecht knows fundraising.  Joe and his team raised $11 million in 10 months in my campaign for mayor.  His knowledge was indispensable.”
– Sam Katz, Candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia

Expert Advice You Can Trust

All three books that come with The Complete Guide were written by Joe Garecht.  Joe is one of America’s foremost experts on running and winning state and local elections.  Joe has spent almost two decades helping candidates win.

With this kit you can get practical strategy and tactics he’s learned the hard way – without having to spend years “in the trenches” to learn them yourself.  You know that these tried and true methods for building momentum will work in your campaign.

This kit is not available in any bookstore or on any online bookseller.  It is available only from Local Victory.

Who Could Benefit from The Complete Guide?

The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground is designed for:

  • Candidates and Potential Candidates
  • Campaign Managers
  • Campaign Staff
  • Party and Organization Leaders
  • Volunteers who want to get more involved
  • Campaign Advisers and Consultants
  • and anyone who wants to know how to start a winning political campaign!

Get Started Today…  Over 100 Pages of Tips, Tactics, and Strategies!

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We know that The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground is the single best kit available anywhere to help you learn how to launch a successful political campaign. Not only will you be satisfied with this kit, you will be raving about it to your colleagues and friends…

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this kit, you can return it at any time and receive a full, 100%, no questions asked refund.   That’s our guarantee to you. You will love this kit, and it will make a huge difference in your next campaign.

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You can order the The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground today for only $27 – and get immediate access to all 3 books and reports, plus our no-questions asked guarantee.  This is THE guide to launching a successful campaign… Get your copy today:

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