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We live in a time where having an opinion isn’t acceptable anymore. What used to be an open space to respectfully disagree about topics of varying degrees has become unacceptable in our world today.

That can be extremely discouraging and leave you feeling like you cannot truly express yourself and outwardly stand up for what you believe in.

No matter how dark and dreary things may become, you must remember that this climate of negativity is just a passing trend.

You can actively do your part to change your environment by sticking to your morals and doing what you believe is right. No matter how much you will be criticized or judged by your beliefs, you have to remember to stay strong and do not waiver.

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There are luckily several ways that you can accomplish this seemingly insurmountable feat of staying headstrong while publicly displaying your viewpoints.

Complete confidence in one’s self must start from within. Once you have become totally comfortable with the thoughts, ideas, and views that make you the person that you are, it will be much easier to share these ideologies outwardly to the public. All of this is easier said than done and will not work if you do not work it.

If you are prepared to strengthen your mind and remain steadily confident in your beliefs for the betterment of our world, here is everything you need to know to retain mental health and stick to what you believe in.

Take an Extended and Detailed Moral Inventory of Yourself

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Before taking your beliefs on the road in the form of public displays of beliefs, you first must make sure that these ideas and core beliefs are all positive in nature. There is already enough negativity in this world to last a lifetime, so adding to it will only decrease the likelihood that this current state of concrete ideologies without room for discussion will continue.

You must first ask yourself if your beliefs will affect others positively without affecting another sect of people negatively. Your beliefs and ideologies should promote the well being of everyone as a single human race instead of helping some and hurting others.

Preaching love instead of hate is the best and most effective measure to take in order to do good for a world that desperately needs it.

Make sure that all of your beliefs are in earnest and are not self-serving. There already are plenty of people in this world that are only looking out for themselves and their goals and do not care about who they have to step over to achieve them.

There is so much untapped potential for change that is stunted or even extinguished completely because people that preach love and compassion are crushed by a power-hungry few.

These people that take aggressive measures to reach their goals despite who they hurt in the process are able to do so because they are completely content with who they are. They believe that what they are doing is right and have effectively shut off that little voice in their heads known as a conscience.

In order to quell these individuals, you must be steadfast and deliberate in your own actions while remaining humble with a focus on helping everyone.

Your beliefs and core values must only be of the positive nature to maintain or regain mental strength. If anything that you currently believe in and would like to display publicly is possibly detrimental to anyone at all, you must throw it away and never look back at it.

By mentally sorting out the good and the bad values that you hold closely, you can work to effectively quell the negative thoughts that should not be acted upon. The positive thoughts can be reaffirmed and strengthened with dedication and mental exercise.

Meditation Is Key to Mental Strength

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Those who are against meditation or believe that it isn’t an effective method for self-improvement probably aren’t doing it right.

When done fully without interference from the outside world, one can truly open themselves up from within and find peace from within. Meditation will allow you to forget about all of your worries on the outside and key in on yourself. It will allow you to discover who you are and what you are.

Meditation will strengthen your core beliefs, values, and mental strength.

This will give you the confidence to assert your views for a better world for everyone.

The healing act of meditation will allow you to throw away your ego and focus on the betterment of society as a whole. The ego is the fuel to the fire that burns the bridge to true personal growth. It prevents open-mindedness because it tells you that your views are superior over the views of others.

How Meditation Helps with Mental Strength

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Guided meditation can be great for beginners or those that find previous attempts at full meditation to be useless. Through guided meditation, you will be asked to shut off your mind and focus only on performing the mental exercises asked of you by the guide.

You must dispel all uncertainties and preconceived notions that it will not work. During the meditation, you will most likely be asked you visualize what it is that you are most grateful for.

By taking ownership of the wrongs you’ve done unto others, you are taking responsibility and signing a mental contract to yourself that you will throw those toxic feeling and actions away – never to revisit them again.

Once you get the hang of fully letting go of what’s been holding you back from the full self-discovery and analysis that is meditation, you can try to set out on your own meditation guided by only your own mind.

To get into this freeing headspace, you should first begin by closing your eyes in a dimly lit room that is free from potential distractions of the auditory variety. For many, this safe space is their bedroom. For
some, it could be a natural setting.

A location complete with a close proximity to a stream can provide a slight calming noise that can actually promote full meditation.

Once you have chosen your perfect location and you have close your eyes, begin to focus on the natural cadence and rhythm of your breath.

Focus on your chest ascending with each breath taken in and the subsequent descent with each breath that is released. Do not try to alter your breathing in any way. Instead, be mindful of your body doing it
on its own, free from control from you or anyone else.

You should key in own your breathing for at least five minutes, learning the little nuisances of each breath and how they are different a unique from the last.

After this mindfulness of your natural breathing has been achieved, you can move on to five minutes of controlled breathing. During this time, you will focus on taking the deepest breaths that you can without causing any strain or discomfort.

On each inhale, you should focus on taking in all of the positivity that this world has to offer. Hold in all of that positivity before slowly beginning to exhale in an equally controlled manner.

With each exhale, you should focus on dispelling and negative thoughts or feelings that have remained dormant in your system. Those negative thoughts do not define you as a person and can be removed
just as efficiently as they were collected.

Once this cleansing breathing portion of the exercise is complete, you can finish the self-meditation by again focusing on the natural cadence of your breath for a final five minutes. During this time, alternate the focus on your breaths with a zoning in on love, peace, and prosperity for all.
Tell yourself that you cannot expect to change anyone’s views or beliefs in life. All that you can do is be the best possible person that you can be and hope that by doing so, you will encourage others to do the same.

Key Takeaways on How to Retain Mental Strength

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Somewhere along the way, we lost what it means to be truly compassionate towards one another.

Insecurities and self-doubt have been removed from one’s own responsibility and instead have been projected onto others in the form of negativity and hate.

It is up to the individual to take ownership and a moral inventory of what makes them the person that they are.

By focusing on holding onto the positivity that you hold closest and by truly appreciating the gift that is compassion, you can outwardly encourage others to do the same.

There is still hope for a better tomorrow, and the keys rest within you to retain your mental strength.