Today, we present the next installment of our popular “Beginner’s Guide” series.  (We’ve done guides on fundraising, grassroots politics, communications and political organization).  Our focus today is on developing a winning political strategy.

The overall strategy for your campaign is crucial to your success on Election Day.  You can raise a lot of money, or mobilize a ton of volunteers, or write really great press releases… but without a winning strategy, your campaign will be sunk.  Spend the time to write a campaign plan, incorporating all of the key strategies you will need to win, including getting started, honing your message, targeting your efforts, and more:

Getting Your Campaign Started

Overcoming Your Biggest Roadblocks to Running for Office – How to get past the roadblocks and get into the race!

4 Tips for Getting Your Political Campaign Off the Ground – Things to think about as you get ready to launch your campaign.

When Should I Start my Campaign? – Timing is crucial.  Know when to kick-off your effort.

Targeting & Voter Lists

Political Targeting, the Beginner’s Guide – Knowing how to target can make or break a campaign.

8 Ways to Target Your Campaign Tactics – How to make sure your campaign tactics are reaching the right voters.

Guide to Using Voter Lists in Your Campaign – The best ways to effectively use voter files in your election campaign.

Your Campaign Message

3 Cheap Ways to Get Your Campaign Message Out – How to introduce voters to your message, even if you are underfunded.

Test Your Message, Early and Often – Don’t just develop a message, test it!

The Negative Campaigning Debate – Should you use “negative” messages?

The Question of the Election – This is the single most important concept for you to master in developing your campaign message.

Keeping Your Campaign on Message – Once you develop your message, you have to work hard to keep it front and center in your campaign.

Campaign Planning

The Best Political Campaign Strategy for You – Tips for figuring out the strategy that will work in your election.

How to Deal with Political Consulting Firms – Using consultants for maximum benefit.

Winning Elections in the New American Politics – American politics has changed… are you ready?

How NOT to Win Election Campaigns – What not to do.

Unique Election Situations

How to Win a Multi-Candidate Election – Are there three, four, five people or more competing in your election?

You Won Your Primary Election Campaign, Now What? – Do you know how to transition from a primary to a general election campaign?

Winning a Run-Off Election – How to succeed in a run-off campaign.

How to Win Election Contests in Small Districts – Are you running a campaign in a small district?  Here’s how to win…

The Elected Official’s Guide to Getting Re-Elected – How to win as an incumbent.

How to Beat an Incumbent – How to win as a challenger.

End Your Campaign On a High Note

Last Minute Political Advice – Things to think about as Election Day draws near.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Strategy

If you are interested in a complete, step-by-step guide for building a winning campaign strategy, I recommend the How to Win any Election Kit.

I wrote this guide to provide every campaign… no matter how small or large… with the same tools used by expensive national political consulting firms, at a fraction of the cost.  This kit contains a step-by-step guide to winning your next political campaign, including a 178 page strategy guide, a 40 page sample campaign plan template, and more.

The How to Win any Election Kit is the single best resource available for winning your next election campaign.