Top 5 Articles of 2009

With just over one week left in 2009, we present our annual list of the year’s most popular articles from Local Victory, as judged by the number of people who read each post.  If you missed any of these articles… be sure to check them out!  Without further ado, the winners are:

1.  Political Slogans: How to Create a Compelling Campaign Slogan

2. The 3 Keys to Winning Any Local Election

3.  Writing a Political Fundraising Plan

4.  How to Be a Great Political Campaign Manager

5.  How to Craft Your Campaign’s Message

Also, be sure to check out the most popular Local Victory articles of all time: Political Direct Mail that Sizzles! and How to Run a Great Door to Door Campaign.


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  • Thank you Margaret! We’ve enjoyed bringing them to you, and we’ve got lots of great stuff planned for 2010!

  • Margaret Mbogoh

    Thanks for your wonderfully educative articles! I look forward to using many of your tips to get into office in Kenya’s Parliament in 2012.

    Happy Holidays from Nairobi, Kenya.

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