How to Win Your Next Election

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Are you running for office, or thinking about running for office, sometime in the next few years?

Do you want to learn a simple, step-by-step strategy for winning your next political campaign?

Are you a campaign manager, political consultant, party official or other political operative who wants to learn the secrets of running better, more successful campaigns?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then I invite you to join us to learn how through Local Victory’s new online class: How to Win Your Next Election.

Our Master Class on Winning Political Campaigns

For almost two decades, Local Victory has been helping candidates and campaigns learn how to win elections through our articles, books, and newsletters.  Now, we are proud to announce our master class on political campaigns, taught by Local Victory founder Joe Garecht.

Stop guessing what works and what doesn’t, and learn how to hone your message, build your team, communicate with your voters and win your next election.  It’s all included as part of this master class.

Who is This Class For?

How to Win Your Next Election is designed for anyone who is wants to learn the secrets to running a successful political campaign:

  • Candidates
  • Elected Officials
  • Campaign Managers
  • Campaign Leaders and Staff Members
  • Party Committee Leadership
  • Anyone Thinking about Running for Office

This class is designed for both those who are new to political campaigns as well as seasoned candidates and campaigners who want to supercharge their efforts.  If you’re running for office this year, next year, or any year, now is the time to learn how to run a successful political campaign.

What’s In the Class?

How to Win Your Next Election contains eight class modules, designed to help you master each of the key concepts for winning a competitive election. The class is presented online and all materials will be delivered electronically.

Each module includes:

– a comprehensive written guide that you can read on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader, or print out to read at your convenience.  Each guide contains 15-30 pages of course material choc full of successful campaign strategy and tactics.

– a podcast seminar that you can listen to on your computer, smartphone, iPod or in your car.  This MP3 will contain a 10-20 minute seminar presenting the best tips, tricks and tactics for winning your election.

Don’t worry if you’re not technologically savvy… we’ll include information on how to download and read/listen to the course materials.

The Class Modules: Everything You Need to Know to Win Your Next Campaign

Here are the course modules you’ll be receiving:

Module #1: The Basics of Running a Strong Political Campaign

Guide:  The Fundamentals of Running a Winning Campaign

Podcast:  Political Strategy 101 – The 5 Things You Need to Understand in Order to Win

Module #2: Developing Your Campaign Message and Brand

Guide:  The Complete Guide to Developing Your Campaign Message, Issues and Theme

Podcast:  How Your Campaign Can Win by Defining the Question of the Election

Module #3: Supercharging Your Offline Campaign Communications

Guide:  How to Use Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Billboards and Campaign Literature to Communicate Your Message to Voters

Podcast:  Simple Strategies for Effectively Getting Your Message Out on a Small Budget

Module #4: Winning the Online Campaign

Guide:  How to Use Your Campaign Website, E-Mail and Social Media to Spread the Word and Generate Donations, Volunteers, and Votes for Your Campaign

Podcast:  How to Turn Social Media Supporters into Donors and Volunteers for Your Campaign

Module #5: How to Build a Campaign Organization and Find Amazing Volunteers

Guide:  The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Grassroots Organization and Recruiting Great Volunteers

Podcast:  How to Best Use Volunteers to Win Your Campaign

Module #6: Working the Grassroots

Guide:   How to Use Door-to-Door Campaigning, Candidate Tours, Absentee Ballots and More to Win the Campaign One Voter at a Time

Podcast:  The Importance of Great Campaign Scheduling

Module #7: How to Raise the Money You Need to Win

Guide:  The Complete Guide to Successful Political Fundraising

Podcast:  How to Build a Finance Committee to Help You Raise the Money You Need to Win

Module #8: Getting Out the Vote (GOTV)

Guide:  How to Win Your Election by Running a Strong Get Out the Vote Operation

Podcast:  The Most Important Month of the Campaign – A Timeline for the Last Four Weeks before Election Day

Learn From the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office

One of the best things about How to Win Your Next Election is that you get to read the guides and listen to the podcasts from the comfort of your own home, office or car.  Instead of having to take a couple of days off of work or the campaign trail for a multi-day seminar, you can learn everything you need to know about successful political campaigning right where you are.

All of the class materials are delivered electronically, and you get lifetime access to the course materials!  There are no tests or quizzes… so you can take the class at your own pace.  You do not need to be in front of your computer at any set time each week.

portrait-smallLearn From the Best in the Business

This course is being taught by Joe Garecht, the founder of Local Victory. For more than 15 years, Joe has been helping political campaigns and candidates win elections.

Joe is the author of Local Victory’s bestselling books How to Win Any Election and The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground.  He has worked for local, statewide and national candidates and committees, and been a featured presenter at national and local political training seminars.  Now, he wants to help you and your team win your next political campaign.  You can learn more about Joe by clicking here.

“How to Win Your Next Election” is a great class.  It is very informative, well-structured, and easy to follow!
-Betty A. Bajek

Get Immediate Access to All of the Class Materials – Today!

We know how fast-paced political campaigns can be.  You need the best information, strategies and tactics now to help you win.  When you register for this class, you will get immediate access to all 8 class modules plus the bonus items.  You don’t need to wait for weekly classes or e-mails.  After registering, you’ll get immediate access to the entire class.

Have Your Whole Team Participate!

If you have a team of people working with you on your campaign or political committee and you’d like them all to participate in this class, we have you covered!  You may have an additional 5 team members participate in the class at no extra charge. You can add your campaign staff, executive committee, or advisory team to the class, all for one course registration fee. We will send the electronic class materials to each of your team members so that you’re all on the same page, and ready to win!

Personalized Help When You Need It

In addition to the course modules, guides and podcasts, you’ll have direct e-mail access to Joe for the entire length of the class to ask questions, run through tactics, and bounce ideas around, personalized for your campaign’s unique situation.

Your Investment in Winning Your Next Election

An in-person multi-day seminar on developing a winning campaign strategy can run anywhere from $500-$800 (not including travel expenses) and yet not offer anywhere near the amount or quality of materials that are included with this class…

When you register today, you can participate in the entire class, including all of the class guides and seminars, plus the bonus items, for an investment of just $127.

Special Bonuses

To make sure you have everything you need to win your next election, everyone who participates in this course will receive the following free bonuses:

Bonus #1: Campaign Materials Sample Packet

Everyone who registers will receive a sample packet that contains sample campaign items and templates you can adapt to your own campaign, including a sample campaign plan, sample fundraising letters, a sample candidate brochure, and more…

Bonus #2: How to Get the Press to Cover Your Campaign

In addition, all class participants will receive a copy of Joe Garecht’s special guide How to Get the Press to Cover Your Campaign.  This ebook will walk you through a simple strategy for getting local newspapers, radio and television reporters and online news outlets to cover your campaign, interview your candidate, and help you spread your campaign message.

Thanks for offering this class! Very valuable information, and a very reasonable price!
-Eligha Guillory

Our Guarantee to You  100% Guarantee

We know that How to Win Your Next Election is the single best course available on political campaign strategy.  Not only will you be satisfied with this course, you will be raving about it to your colleagues and friends at other organizations.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, you can stop taking the class at any time and receive a full, 100%, no questions asked refund.  That’s our guarantee to you.  You will love this class, and it will make a huge difference for your campaign.

Class Registration Ends this Friday, January 27th at 7 PM

Registration is closing this Friday, January 27th at 7 PM. Once registration closes, we will not be able to accept any new participants, and instead will be focused on working with class members. Be sure to sign-up now to gain access to the class!

Register Now and Win Your Next Campaign!

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