Today, we present The Beginner’s Guide to Grassroots Campaigning, the third installment in our “Beginner’s Guide” Series.  (If you haven’t already, be sure to check out The Beginner’s Guide to Political Communications and The Beginner’s Guide to Political Fundraising).

Working the grassroots is a vital component of any campaign, no matter how large or small.  For local campaigns, grassroots politics takes on added significance as one of the main ways to communicate with the voters.  No matter what office you are running for, no matter how much (or how little) cash your campaign has, follow these tips to make sure your grassroots campaign gets off to a great start:

Building Your Campaign Organization

5 Secrets of Successful Grassroots Organizations – Tips for making your grassroots organization shine.

The 2 Most Asked Questions About Grassroots Politics – Do you know the answers?  They may surprise you!

Finding and Managing Volunteers

How to Find Volunteers for Your Political Campaign – Where to find great volunteers to help you win.

Creating Volunteer Superstars – Figuring out how to best use each and every volunteer.

How to Manage Political Campaign Volunteers – Soup to nuts, getting your volunteers on track and on task.

Door to Door Campaigning

Why Your Campaign HAS to Go Door to Door – The top reasons why your campaign – and your candidate – has to start knocking on doors.

How to Run a Great Door to Door Campaign – Now you know you need to get out there… here’s how to do it!

Grassroots Events

How to Hold Successful Town Hall Meetings – Get out there and meet the crowd.  How to use town halls to build your name recognition and benefit your campaign.

How to Plan a Candidate Tour Event – Using candidate tour events to build local support.

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballots

The Right Way to Hold a Voter Registration Drive – Don’t just set up a table and hope for the best… use this guide to help you target your efforts.

Successful Absentee Voter Drives – Reaching (and persuading) absentee voters with your campaign’s message.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Winning Your Election by Getting Out the Vote – Your strategy guide to running a GOTV operation.

Do You Know How to Set Your Get Out the Vote Goals? – Setting GOTV goals that will have your team celebrating on Election Night.

A Guide to Making GOTV Calls – How to run an effective get out the vote phone bank.

Advanced Grassroots Topics

Linking Your Campaign with a Grassroots Movement – How to connect with outside grassroots movements to help you win.

Running a Grassroots Contribution Campaign – Raising money at the grassroots.

Building Political Coalitions – One of our most popular (and longest) articles ever.

Great Resource

If you’d like to learn more about how to run a successful grassroots operation for your campaign, with step-by-step guides on topics like absentee voters, door-to-door campaigning, using volunteers, and more, check out our new book Winning Elections at the Grassroots.