Several weeks ago, we posted the first in our “Beginner’s Guides” series: The Beginner’s Guide to Political Communications.  We got lots of great feedback and requests for more.

Today, we continue the series with The Beginner’s Guide to Political Fundraising.  This article brings together the best fundraising advice from the Local Victory Archives to walk you step by step through the most important facets of political fundraising.  The articles below will present you with a complete overview of political fundraising, and will help you answer that age old question: “How do I raise enough money to win my campaign?”

Political Fundraising: Start Here First

Political Fundraising 101 – The basics of political fundraising, including why cold calling rarely works, and why you should always ask for more than you think you will get.

Advanced Political Fundraising: How to Make an Ask — Step-by-step system for the scariest part of all: asking people for money.

Finding the Money to Start Your Campaign — How to raise the seed money you need to launch your campaign.

Fundraising Plans

Why Your Campaign Needs a Fundraising Plan – Every campaign needs a fundraising plan, no matter how large or small.

Writing a Political Fundraising Plan – Here’s how to write a great political fundraising plan.

Fundraising Events

The #1 Tip for a Successful Fundraising Event – The number one tip for raising more money through political fundraising events.

10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event – The step by step guide to holding a successful event.

Online Fundraising

How to Raise Political Donations Online – How to raise money over the Internet.

Building Fundraising Networks

Political Fundraising Networks – How to build and motivate your supporters to raise money on your behalf.

Fundraising Direct Mail

7 Tips for Writing Political Fundraising Mail — Surefire strategies for raising money through political fundraising direct mail.

Minor Donors

How to Set Up a Minor Donor Program — Those big checks are important, but smaller donations add up.  Learn how to create a scalable system for reaching smaller (“minor”) donors.

Raising Money from Political Action Committees (PACs)

What Are PACs? — What PACs are and what they do.

Raising Money from PACs – How to raise money from political action committees.

Advanced Reading

7 Creative Political Fundraising Ideas — Seven tried and true advanced fundraising ideas for your campaign.

The Best 5 Ways to Raise More Money for Your Campaign — Learn how to increase your profit and decrease your fundraising expenses.

The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground – This premium kit from Local Victory comes with Raising Money from High Dollar Donors, an 18 page report on how to raise big donations from big donors.