When it comes to running for office, whether you're running for the town council or president,you need to be able to write a killer political speech. The president may be able to employ speech writers, but if you're only president of your college political group, you'll need to be writing your words on your own.

You'll want to be great at speech writing if you're considering a future in politics.

Political speeches cover the important topics – so you want to make sure that you're talking about the things that people care about. Know your audience and know what people are concerned about.

What Makes a Good Political Speech? Read On for 6 Helpful Tips

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A good political speech requires many of the same things as any other speech – it needs to be a topic people want to listen to, it needs to be on point, and it needs to keep people from falling asleep. It also needs to be given in a way that keeps people interested.

A political speech also needs to send a message to people and help them understand who you are and what you're going to do for them. They want to see someone that is confident, laid back and speaks with authority in a clear and concise way.

Here are 6 things that will assist you in giving a killer political speech. Use them all, and you're sure to keep people listening.

1. Get Your Message Out Quickly


Don't spend too much time up on stage people are in a hurry, and if you don't want to lose them to the world of smartphones, you need to get your message out quickly. You can do that without skipping important info or being bland.

Start off by knowing what you want to talk about, and sticking to that theme. Your main statement should be short and concise. Speak to the people in the audience, and you're sure to have a group of people that are actually paying attention to what you're saying.

2. Get Potential Voters on Your Side


You need to make sure that you are covering the topics that your voters want to hear about. Cover the things that are in the news or near and dear to them. If there is some local controversy about pipelines or medical marijuana, you should broach these topics (though you should do what you can to only stick with one topic at a time).

You want the audience to identify with what you're saying. If they have no interest in your topic, they're not going to listen no matter what you say to them – so make sure they are interested. If you want them to vote for you, you need them to connect with you when you're giving speeches.

Need help getting them to listen? Come up with some clever anecdotes on the topic of your speech that help people understand how these things will affect them.

3. Be Empathetic and Funny, But Speak with Authority


You need to be personable – which starts by greeting the people in attendance. You may take some time at the beginning or after your speech to speak one-on-one with people. You what to make everyone feel like they are welcome there and like they're a part of your inner circle.

A smaller event may give you the opportunity to turn your speech into more of a conversation – which will win people over far better than talking at them does. Show empathy toward them, no matter what type of speech or conversation you're giving.

You may want to be raw and emotional at times, and you may need to crack a joke from time to time as well. Make sure that your timing is right on though – as there are inappropriate times to tell jokes during a speech.

You definitely need to be confident throughout the whole thing. Speak with authority and let people know that you both know what you're talking about and that you care about what you're saying to your audience and how it affects them.

4. Stay Confident and in Control


If you want to stay in control of your speech, you need to write it as you'd read it. Words on paper come across differently than actual speech. If you write something that doesn't make sense out loud, it can trip you up as you're reading it.

You also want to leave a little space to move from your speech. You don't want to only be stuck to reading a script. Adlib, change things, and say something different when you need to.

You need to pay attention to the way your audience is reacting to what you have to say and then turn the tides if they seem to be getting bored or even don't seem to be agreeing with you. You're a politician or a would-be politician, and you want to make the people listening to you like you and want to back you up – which means you need to pay attention to their motions and their emotions.

Don't ask your listeners questions – any questions you pose in your speech should also be answered in your speech. People are expecting you to have the answers. Because you start with a theme, your speech will stick with that theme – this makes it easier to be confident and in control since you're covering one topic and not many.

5. Use a Little Repetition

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While you don't want your entire speech to be a reiteration of itself, you do want to repeat your key point a couple of times, to get the point across. You want people to walk out of the speech with the memory of your thesis.

You also want to make people what to discuss what you've talked about – the more you drill the ideas into their heads, the more they'll be interested in learning more and discussing it with their peers. You may even elicit questions post-speech – if your event is open to that.

6. Be Inspired by Speakers of the Past


Take some time to research the speeches of some of the politicians
of history that you look up to.
Quote them if it fits the theme of your speech (giving them credit, of course).
Not only will previous political speeches help inspire you, some of them will
show you how to do things, and some will show you how not to do them.

Don't copy someone else's speech word for word – that is plagiarism. That doesn't mean you can't allow yourself to be inspired and create something similar (that fits in with the current times).

Preparing for Your Killer Political Speech

Part of giving a killer political speech is being fully prepared for that speech. The more prepared you are for your speech, the more confident you'll be up in front of everyone. On top of that, preparing will let you read that speech like it was part of your soul.

Preparing is as easy as reading your speech, over and over again. Read your speech in front of the mirror, read it in front of other people (your friends, your family, even your kids), and read it aloud alone in a room. Get some feedback from the people you practice on, like your family and friends (and even your kids).

You also need to read your speech where you'll be distracted because reading a speech in a crowd comes with plenty of distractions. Have a TV on, have the kids play in the background, keep the ringer on so your phone goes off (or even set an alarm), and anything else that offers you some sort of feeling of what it will be like with people chatting in the crowd.

Your speech can win people over and maybe even change people's lives. Make sure you edit it, practice it, and believe it before you read it in front of the crowd.

Final Thoughts on Giving a Killer Political Speech

If you speak about things that you believe in and you put your soul into your words, it shouldn't be hard to get people to listen. Your killer political speech begins from within, but it also needs to consider the people that you are speaking to – politics is about the people, not just about the politician.

Get behind your words
and share them, people will listen.