Do you have an Instagram account? What are you using it for?

If you’re running a local campaign, whether it’s to get on the local school board or on the town council, you could be benefiting from your social media accounts. You also want to integrate things like some of the Instagram tools out there in order to make the most out of your account and your campaign.


How We Chose Our Ratings

When choosing the best tools for your Instagram account, we looked at those with high ratings, those that are talked about by other reviewers in a positive light, and those that can benefit politicians on their campaigning trail. Here are the 7 we liked most.

Top 7 Best Instagram Tools for Local Politicians

Hashtags, stories, and inviting everyone you know to your Instagram account will only get you so far. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your account, you need to consider having some (or all) of the following Instagram tools to help you have a successful campaign.

1. Kicksta

kicksta logo

Kicksta is one of the best Instagram tools when it comes to growing your audience. They help you find relevant followers, through generally organic means. Kicksta takes much of the work out of the process of looking for fans.

You sign up through their website, which is a simple task. Your next step will be to give Kicksta a list of some of the Instagram accounts that are followed by the people you want to have following you. The app uses this information to like a photo or two from some of the fans of those accounts (through your account).

How does this help? It makes those people come to check out your site – and with about 30,000 likes a month through Kicksta your fan base is sure to grow (as long as you’re regularly posting things people want to see).

People like that Kicksta is easy to use and saves them time. The concept is valued as is the impact the app makes when it comes to helping users get followers.

Pricing options are $49 a month for the basics, or $149 a month for everything Kicksta has to offer.

2. Woobox

woobox logo

Once you find followers, you need to engage them if you want to keep them around. This means that you want them to do more than just look at your photos. In order to better engage people, you need to offer them things that make them want to comment on and share your posts.

Woobox is a tool that runs quizzes, coupons, and competitions for your Instagram account. It is a tool that ensures that you are offering engaging content to keep people interested in following your account.

People like that Woobox does the work for them when it comes to ensuring that their Instagram accounts are keeping people around. They also like that there is a 30-day free trial. Not all apps are free, but it can be a wise investment to utilize the right paid apps, like Woobox.

Woobox has four different prices options, ranging from $37 to $249 a month.

3. Planoly

planoly logo

Consider the fact that you might be running more than one Instagram account. You have your election campaigning account, and your personal account, and maybe you’re running a business account as well. This is a lot of work, especially if you want to keep up follower engagement.

This is where an app like Planoly comes in handy. What this app does for you is allowing you to schedule your posts weeks in advance using a drag-and-drop system to post them. It also makes it easier for you to share follower posts (because everyone loves when their favorite Instagramers repost their stuff).

Reviewers named it one of the top 4 apps for curating the perfect Instagram feed.

Planoly has a completely free option. You can also choose from a $7 a month solo account up to a $159 a month team account.


vsco logo

Images are everything when it comes to Instagram – the site is all about sharing photos, so you want your photos to be the best. Yes, Instagram has an editor within, but you want to make sure that you’re using the best, which comes from VSCO.

People like this app because it’s easy to use. There are many different photo editing apps available (even for Instagram), but some of them are plain confusing. There’s no worrying about difficulty with photo editing when it comes to VSCO.

VSCO offers a myriad of different packages, all for $59 each.

5. Iconosquare

icono logo

Here’s where analytics come into play – you need a way to track who is looking at your photos, so you know who to continue reaching out to. Your fans, depending on their ages and locations, will have different interests, and see who’s looking so you can make sure you keep giving them what they want.

Your older voters are going to be interested in different things than your younger voters – which ones are following you on Instagram?

Reviewers like that Iconosquare also looks at which hashtags brought people to your page. By using the right hashtags, your posts/photos will get more traffic.

You can choose between a $29 a month Pro package and a $59 a month Advanced package.

6. AutoHash


Speaking of hashtags – Instagram accounts thrive on hashtags. Sometimes the more you have, the better, but you need to be using hashtags that people are looking for too.

AutoHash takes the difficulty of researching hashtags away from you, so you spend less time on research. This app includes relevant hashtags for your photo posts. This helps you engage a whole new audience.

People like that AutoHash makes hashtagging easier, but it seems to have some issues with crashing. They do pay attention to reviews and work to keep the app up-to-date.

This is a free app to download. There are in-app purchases to be made for $1.49 an item.

7. FameBit


FameBit is run by YouTube, so it has a powerful name backing it. This tool connects you directly with the influencers who will get the word out there on your campaign.

Use this app to set up your Instagram campaign – it gives you a chance to budget your campaign and more. If you want to win your local election, you need to get your posts to the right people. FameBit will offer assistance with that.

Individuals like the influencer reach of FameBit. The most common complaint is that it is difficult for users to get things set up in the beginning – so allow for some learning time.

Pricing depends on whether you’re a “creator” or a “brand,” but the set-up is free, and you’re charged a percentage-based service fee (as little as 10%).

Buyer’s Guide – How Instagram Tools Help

Instagram tools are tools that do many things to help you out when it comes to posting on Instagram and getting your posts seen. Pick the ones that offer the things you need – this can depend on which social media sites you’re using and what you’re trying to sell.

While you might not think that Instagram is a viable app for businesses and politicians, it offers you access to millions of users that want to see photos (not just words). It’s a chance to speak to people through imagery.

That imagery “language” is why you need to pick the right apps to help run your Instagram account smoothly.  You want apps that will help do the following things:

  • To Tell Your Story – All businesses, politicians, and even individuals with zero agenda have a story. You need to fill people in on who you are, what you’re doing, and what you can do for them – and Instagram offers you an interesting and creative outlet for getting your story out there.
  • Let People See Inside – Instagram lets people see what you are doing – share pictures of you volunteering your time, of your debates, and of your normal life events so that they know that you’re a person just like they are.
  • To Reach the Right People – The audience on Instagram is diverse, but it is most popular among millennials. This is a generation that is more likely to pay attention, hit the polls, and they love social media. They are the internet generation, so reaching them can do a lot for your campaign.
  • To Connect with People – And, of course, the whole idea is to connect. People can share your posts, comment on them, like them, and they can also directly message you through your Instagram account. There is also a “stories” feature that lets you connect on another level as well.
  • Post Videos – You can go live on Instagram or post videos you’ve taken (with your phone or that you’ve posted elsewhere online). When people see you actually doing things, they get more of a sense of what you’re about.

Use your Instagram account as a major player in your campaign. You can do that by offering up discount codes and contests to your followers (even politicians have merch available). Use it to keep people abreast of your events, photo ops, and more (your followers like to take photos just as much as they like to look at them).

The Advantage of Instagram for Politicians

Instagram is free, as are other social media sites. As a local politician, you may be on a tight budget, which means that using free things to get the word out about your campaign can be extremely beneficial. When something is free and easy, it makes sense to use it.

You can post static photos that let people see what you are doing when you’re out and about on the campaign trail. You can post multiple photos to the same post or do collages. Pictures are worth more than just words – so pick photos that really let people see what you’re all about.

Instagram stories lets you connect to more people, and only stays up for 24 hours. You can archive these posts, but they offer a unique way to share, just like videos.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to sharing on Instagram is that people might be difficult to reach if you aren’t doing things the right way. On Instagram, hashtags are important, and they are what will bring people to your profile and to your pictures – posting without hashtags is basically a waste of a post.

You also need to have your profile set as public, or the only people that will be able to find you and see your posts are the people that already follow you.

Final Thoughts on Using Instagram Tools

Instagram is a great asset when it comes to letting people know about your campaign and helping you run your local campaign – you just need to have the right Instagram tools to make the best of it.


The biggest downfall of this platform is that it’s more about your photos than your words – so make sure that each photo you post tells a story. Apps will make your Instagram experience more profitable and smoother.