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In a world where social media and television are king in terms of getting your name and political stances out there in order to bolster your campaign, there is still plenty of room for effective campaign posters.

What used to be the primary form of advertisements for a candidate has fallen by the wayside to more advanced technology that gets your message out there to the people more quickly and efficiently.

You can actually use this lack of physical political advertising to your advantage by appealing to those who refuse to give into the new norm of virtual visual aids and commercials. Campaign posters bring with them a sense of heart and hard work.

Anyone can hire a team to film a commercial or begin a social media-based campaign on Facebook or Twitter, but when you put in the time to create a truly inspiring poster that you can touch, it brings older voters right back to simpler times.

The right group of millennials and the younger generations will also appreciate your work informing an all-encompassing campaign poster that shines a spotlight on the pastas an homage to a simpler time before negative rhetoric focusing on the shortcomings of the opponent became an unfortunate mainstay.

You can choose instead to focus on all of the positives that your own campaign will provide to the people in the form of the perfect campaign poster.

With the following tips, you can create a campaign poster that will surely stick out and grab the attention of so many potential voters that will help make your goals of election or a unified cause a tangible reality.

The Visuals of the Perfect Campaign Posters

One of the most well-known posters in history is the “We Can Do It,” campaign from the War Production Coordinating Committee. The central focal point of the poster has become known as Rosie the Riveter,a figure that would work to represent all of the women who went into the production lines of factory work vacated by the men who were forced to enter the fray of World War II.

The poster immediately emboldened women by providing them with a strong role model inspired by an actual woman.

It not only did wonders during wartime to encourage women to help with war efforts by joining the production line, but it was resurrected in the 1980’s as a key symbol of feminism. Rosie would go on to become a global symbol for female empowerment that is still circulating to this day.

As you can see from the well-known poster, there is only a single sentence on the poster as to not take away from the stunning visual. No matter what image you choose to center your poster around, it must be vibrant, bold, and eye-catching.

The color palette chosen should work to immediately draw in the viewer who would subsequently absorb the message after he or she has already invested themselves in the image.

Your image can but should not include an image of yourself. By using an image of yourself, you are making the campaign all about yourself, which will absolutely turn people away that are not already in line with your beliefs. You should instead center your message around an image that preaches love and unity.

If you want the main takeaway of your campaign poster to encourage others to take climate change seriously, you could make your image an illustration of our planet or of a family enjoying their time out in nature.

A professionally done illustration of planet Earth with a heart in the center would immediately zero in on your goals and give your viewers a great idea of what your message is without even reading the text.

A photo of a family out in the environment would take the focus away from you and allow those that see the poster to insert themselves into the depicted family. This method creates an immediate sense of inclusively and a takeaway message that we are truly all in this together.

The Message

Woman placing poster on the glass

Image source: Unsplash

After you have caught the eye of potential allies of your cause, they are going to need to know immediately what your message is.

The War Production Co-ordination Committee chose the simple but effective tagline of “We Can Do It.” This Message tied in with the historic image of Rosie solidified the takeaway message that any woman could become Rosie. By including the word “we”, it immediately made it clear that it was an all-encompassing message meant to be delivered to anyone willing to take the time to view it.

Your message should work in this same way. It should be focused on uniting everyone instead of targeting a specific sect of people.

By only focusing on the few, you are immediately shutting down those that either do not agree with the message or those that are not a part of the group you have targeted.

If for example,you are running a campaign based on protecting the environment, you should come up with a one-sentence tagline that encourages all to want to do their parts to make sure that detrimental climate change effects are quelled as much as humanly possible.

Instead of making the campaign centered around a negative message that puts the blame on those that are not taking climate change seriously, you should focus on an all-inclusive message that encourages everyone to come together.

Negative connotations are immediately picked up in messages such as “Stop denying climate change.” Instead, a unifying message like “Our environment needs you,” will plant the seed of an idea in the minds of everyone who sees it that they should do whatever they can in their power to become a part of the solution instead of the problem.

“Our” is an extremely crucial word here as it doesn’t single out a certain demographic whatsoever. It instead creates a feeling of unification towards a common goal.By using words like “our” or “we,” you are bridging the gap of differing opinions instead of creating more of a divide.

Sizing Options for Campaign Posters

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Image source: Pexels

You are going to want the size of your campaign poster to be the perfect size. If it is too small, it will not be seen by those that are not immediately in front of the message. Even if your poster contains an incredible message, if it cannot be seen from varying distances and vantage points, you are limiting your potential reach and exposure.

If the poster is too large, it will limit the areas that the physical poster board can be displayed upon. You are going to want your poster to be a size that isn’t too big to fit in a standard display board that houses other posters.

When picking out the perfect campaign poster size, A3 and A4 sizing are perfect sizing options that will ensure that it is not too large to fit in all of the areas that you see other posters.

Location Is Key for Your Campaign Posters

Time square

Image source: Pixabay

You could have the absolute perfect message and image contained in a single poster that will do great good for anyone that sees it, but if you choose to place it in a less than optimal location, you will miss out on a ton of potential exposure.

You will want to do your research and due diligence here to study the areas of your location of choice that are of the absolute highest traffic areas. Placing the campaign poster in a high foot traffic area such as a busy park will allow maximum visibility.

Taking advantage of already established locations that currently house existing posters will take out the guesswork of where to exactly place it. If there is a wall of posters in a certain spot in your desired location, make sure you do all that you can to get yours in there.

Once you have the physical location decided, you are going to want to focus on making sure that the campaign poster is situated as close to eye level as possible. No one is going to want to have to bend over to read a poster that is located at their feet, and they absolutely will not want to have to strain their necks to look at a message that is at the top of the chosen wall.

Key Takeaways on Campaign Posters

Campaign posters are a dying breed in today’s political climate. Effective posters have taken a backseat to toxic smear campaigns via the radio, television, and social media. You can choose to continue this harmful trend or focus on the positives by creating the perfect campaign poster that preaches love and inclusivity.

You will want to include an image that will initially draw in the viewer. After their eyes have been caught, you will want a short message that will stick with everyone who sees it.

In a much smaller font than your central message, you can include all of your contact information and social media handles that your viewers can utilize to get in touch with you and do their parts to support your tremendous cause.

Featured Image via Unsplash