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“The Internet’s best source for political campaign strategy.”

I started Local Victory in 2001 to bring every campaign and political committee – no matter how small or large – the tools and information they need to win elections.

This website exists for one purpose: to teach candidates, campaign staff, political organizations, volunteers and activists how to win political campaigns.  The articles and information on Local Victory are non-partisan in nature, and can be used by any candidate of any party to learn how to run a successful political campaign.

Local Victory brings the know-how of professional political consulting to campaigns of all sizes.  I know our strategies work because I have used them, time and time again, to help campaigns across the United States win!

Learn how to win your next political campaign…

For too long, professional political strategy was the sole purview of large campaigns and well-connected candidates.  Now, Local Victory brings campaigns of all sizes the professional strategy, tools and information they need to win.

About Me

My name is Joe Garecht. I am the founder of Local Victory, the oldest and most respected source of political campaign “how-to” information on the Internet.  I have broad experience in political campaign strategy, with a special emphasis on political fundraising.

Joe GarechtI have worked on the staff of two Republican National Conventions, served as the Finance Budget Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and worked as a senior member of the staff of several major political campaigns. Over the past 15 years, I have also consulted with dozens of political campaigns to help them win.

A few of my clients have included Congressman Jim Gerlach (R-PA), County Commissioner Dave Abraham (R-MI), Delegate Jeff Frederick (R-VA), Bill Scranton for Governor (R-PA), Sam Katz for Mayor (R-PA), Bill Gram-Reefer for County Council (R-CA) and the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee.  Though my consulting work focuses on Republican candidates, this site is non-partisan and teaches political strategy and tactics that work for all candidates, regardless of political affiliation.

I am the author of several well-known books on political campaigns, including How to Win Any Election and The Complete Guide to Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground. I have presented at numerous political campaign seminars and workshops, including the Campaigns & Elections National Campaign Training Conference.

In addition to political campaigns, I also work with non-profit organizations and civic groups to help them raise the money they need to thrive. You can find out more about my work with non-profits at The Fundraising Authority.

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What Others Have Said about Local Victory:

“Local Victory is fantastic!”
– Rhonda Rutledge
Former President, Alabama Fed. of Republican Women

“Local Victory never ceases to amaze me.   The site is bringing high-tech tools to the world of bare knuckle politics. Local Victory brings indispensable professional knowledge to our front line troops in the field.”
– Charlie Bohnenberger
Former Senior Advisor to
Governor Tom Ridge (R-PA)